Saturday, March 2nd


“Do not let anyone despise you.” Titus 2:15

Dear Jesus, What a powerful little phrase you gave the young pastor, Titus. I find confidence in these verses. I’m easily intimidated by the critique of others. Everyone wants to be liked including me. But your grace and love have strengthened me so I don’t need to work at being liked. Instead, I’m free to love others even if it means I do or say something that earns their rejection. I hear your fatherly voice. Don’t let anyone despise me. In other words, keep their rejection on the outside of my heart. Only your love and promise to bless are allowed to enter the throne-room of my feelings. They can criticize me but I won’t let their negativity become my own. It can be theirs but not mine. My acceptance of myself is based on your perfect grace. Amen.

When you know who you are to God, you care less about who you are to others.