Sunday, February 3rd


Nehemiah wrote, “There were many priests who signed the agreement to follow God’s ways.  I listed their names.  But there were also doorkeepers, Levites, musicians and temple servants.  They all gathered along with their wives and children to commit to following the law given through Moses 1000 years earlier.  They committed to not give their children into marriage with non-Israelite people.  They committed to keep the Sabbath Day rest laws, to cancel debts every seven years, to bring tithes, sacrifices and first-fruit offerings to the temple in a consistent and timely way.  They committed to take turns supplying wood for the burnt offerings and to keep up the temple grounds to the glory of God.” – Nehemiah 10 paraphrased.

Dear heavenly Father,  It's the nature of faith to make us want to glorify you in the way we support the ministry of the word.  There is no temple anymore with all of its sacrificial demands.  Your Son is the temple and his body the church.  But we still have church properties, clergy who dedicate themselves to our spiritual health and the spread of your wonderful news of forgiveness through your Son.  I have benefited from this good news for many years.  I have peace in my soul and my guilty conscience has something to cling to when the devil comes hounding me with my mistakes.  I will support your ministry of the word with my money, my time and my unique abilities.  I will “be there” for those laboring in your field.  I will give and give with joy just as you give and give to me.  I want the world to know that you are a great God who restores guilty sinners and gives people a new lease on life every day.  Oh Good, cause your people to rise up today in committed support of your gospel mission. AMEN

The gospel is that something bigger than ourselves that we can be a part of without regret.