Thursday, February 28th


“Then the Lord said to Joshua, ‘See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men.’ ” Joshua 6:2

Father In Heaven, Your plans and your direction for my life are so simple and clear. The battle plan that you lay out for me is so directive. You haven’t given me a scheduled agenda for each day, but you have told me what you want me to do in the callings of my life. You want me to parent, to be a husband/wife, even as a single adult, to work hard and to be a kind and loving neighbor. The directions to me are simple and clear. Help me, Lord, to order my life by the simple instructions you give me in those callings. As a father/mother, help me to lead my family in God’s Word and to raise my children up to know you. As a husband/wife, help me to love my spouse as you love me. As a single person, lead me to know you through your Word.. Make me a wise and faithful manager of all the gifts you’ve given me for the good of my neighbor, starting with y own family. Lord God, your plans and your direction for my life are so simple and clear. Help me to follow through on those battle plans, simply trusting you to do what you will do in my life and for my salvation. Amen.

Jesus isn’t afraid of nothing; don’t be afraid to let him lead you!