Saturday, February 23rd


"O Lord and God, you deserve to receive glory, honor, and power because you created everything and by your will they are created and have their being." - Revelation 4:11

Dear heavenly Father, I exist because you invented me in your creative mind from eternity. You chose my gender, my parents, my siblings, my DNA, height, hair and eye color, even my raw intelligence was slotted by you. Thank you for thinking of me and then putting me into my place in your vast creation. I am sad too that I joined humanity in rebellion toward you and yet you redeemed me in your Son. Help me to live in thankfulness and praise today just as the creatures in heaven are praising you as I see from the Revelation passage above. I want to glorify you for the gift of life today in the way I live. Show me how to do that. AMEN

 "Thankfulness is a product of true faith."