Thursday, February 21st


"Even if all fall away on account of you, I never will." - Peter in Matthew 26:23

Dear Jesus, Peter sums up the way I feel about my personal commitment to you. I know you are my friend and Savior and I feel like I will never fall away from you no matter what happens. But I know that Peter felt the same way and then he did fall away. He denied knowing you three times that very same night. And I see myself fall into sin the very same day I voice my devotion to you. We people are so weak and fickle. We are so easily distracted by our own sinful hearts or the devil. If it were not for you and your constant love I would fall away and never come back. Please keep me close by your Holy Spirit and be the power that saves my soul. I cannot save myself my own commitment. It is too weak. Help me to glorify you this weekend. AMEN

Strength is holding onto something strong.