Monday, February 11th


"I trust in you O Lord, ... you are my God and my times are in your hands. deliver me from my enemies." - Psalm 31

Dear heavenly Father, so often I act like I am in control of everything about my life. Then when others threaten my physical, emotional or economic security, I get worried and scared as if it all depended on me. My times are in your hands and not mine. Help me to live with less stress because I recognize that nothing happens to me or my family that does not pass before your throne for permission. Help me to trust you and love those around me, even my enemies. Deliver me from anyone who would try to harm me, but also help me to love and forgive them so they will have an opportunity to see your love and grace before they face your throne of judgement. AMEN 

"Let God have what is rightfully his - everything!"