Wednesday, January 30th


"He who gathers crops in summer is a wise son, but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son.” Proverbs 10:5

Dear heavenly Father, at times I am tempted to be lazy and selfish.  Instead of taking advantage of the opportunities you bring I can squander away time sitting in front of the TV or just doing nothing.  Open my eyes and my heart to see all of the opportunities you give to make a brighter future for me and others. Help me to see how I can be happier spending my time making other people happy rather than focusing just on myself. And when it is time for me to spend a little extra time at my work in order to get the job done in a way that glorifies you, give me that strength and that spirit that makes me rise to the occasion and finish the job.  All to the glory of your Son for what he did for me. AMEN

"For a Christian work to the glory of God is play."