Sunday, January 13th


“Today you will be with me in Paradise." - Luke 23:43

 Dear Jesus, on this Ash Wednesday I think of how frail and mortal I am.  I won't be here long.  And therefore, my body will not last.  But I relish the words you told the thief next to you as you were making all things new, "Today .. Paradise." You have rescued me and so my soul and body will squeeze through death unscathed.  I fear death at times, more than I want to admit.  But having your promise of life, gives me a light to hold onto.  As we enter Lent help me to be serious about life and faith and joyful about eternal life. And today help those who preach, to give their people your heart and soul as they speak the very words of God. AMEN

To live in Christ it to live beyond fate.