Thursday, September 27th


"If you oh Lord kept a record of sins, who could stand."- Psalm 130:3

Dear Lord, I catch myself thinking that I can stand in front of you because I do this or that kind of well.  Whenever I feel this way, I invariably catch myself thinking I am ahead of some other sinner in the "be good" game.  And in my heart I look down on them.  But when I am alone with you, I cannot escape the painful truth that I often do not even want to do good.  If you kept a record of my sins, I could not stand in front of you.  That's why I love you so much.  You have forgiven all of my sins.  There is no record of them to be found.  I see only you and your accepting smile.  Because you have forgotten my sins, I can forget them too.  AMEN

"Forgiveness is God's supernatural power to make everything right in a wrong world."