Saturday, September 15th


"If two lie down they can keep warm.  But how can one keep warm alone?"- Ecclesiastes 4:11

Dear Lord, you made us to live in constant contact and interdependence upon others.  You want us striving and working together with the people you have placed in our lives.  We need each other for help with basic needs and to meet the nuanced needs of our individual souls.  We cannot "do life" alone.  Thank you for the people you have given me that help me in ways beyond their own understanding.  And give me the humility to let them help me "do life" in the best possible way.  Help me to remember to express gratitude and encouragement also.  I see your love and mercy in the people you have put on my team, especially my spouse and family.  Thanks for being the great gracious God that you are. AMEN

 "An attitude of gratitude is a mark of faith in the God of grace."