Sunday, August 5th


The highest heavens belong to the Lord but the earth he has given to humanity. - Psalm 115:16

Dear Lord,

We all run around this globe and compete for our little piece of the pie.  But in reality the whole earth is a gift to all of us from you.  We get to use it for our short lives and then we have to let go of it to others.  What a wonderful gift from you.  Every flower, every tree, every mountain, every sunrise and sunset, all of wildlife and domestic creatures, even the people you allow me to live with; they all point to you.  You are an amazing creator and benevolent donor of all things.  Today, I will enjoy my little corner of your world with its multifaceted blessings and I will worship you in my heart because you are the author of it all.  


Creation is never an end.  It always is the means which God uses to bless us and to draw us to himself.

Additional Reading: Psalm 19, Psalm 53, Romans 1:18-22