Tuesday, August 28th


"When you pray, do not be like the pagans, but pray ... 'thy kingdom come!'" - Matthew 6:6,10

Oh, heavenly Father, I am tired of being on the throne.  I willingly yield it to you. Just a warning though; there is more to get done and to fix in my little kingdom than one man could ever do.  I thought I was man enough to do it all, but alas, I was not.  The harder I tried, the messier it got.  I'm afraid to throw so much at you since you are already ruling so many other things, but then again, you are God.  You can handle it and you tell me that you want to handle it too.  Now that I am not all stressed out running the show, what small parts do you want me to concentrate on?  I like this.  I will help you as you lead my life, instead of allowing you to help me as I lead myself.  Thy kingdom come ... AMEN

"There is room for only one king in the throne room of your heart."