Thursday, August 16th


Give us today our daily bread. - Luke 11:3

Dear Lord Jesus,

I confess that I spend too much time living in the past and evaluating all my decisions and disappointments.  When I dwell on the past, I’m not looking up to you and what you promise me today.  The past has no bearing on the fact that you are going to give me what I need for today.  Help me to let go of the past when I pray the Lord's Prayer, "Give me today my daily bread."  Thank you that you have covered the past, even yesterday, with your life, death, and resurrection. Your life cuts my life free from my failures.  The release enables me to enjoy a good day under the sunshine of your grace.  I know you will bless my body and soul with all that I need for today.


When you look up to Jesus, you can see past every dark cloud.

Additional Reading: Hebrews 13:5-5, Matthew 6:19-34, Psalm 37