Monday, March 26th

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?  - Matthew 6:27

Dear Jesus, with this little sentence you both comfort and confront me.  I am comforted that my life does not depend on my own or anyone else's decisions.  I am confronted that I waste way too much time worrying as if it does.  Help me find the balance between responsible stewardship of my body and life and careless faith that makes me sleep well and not live with stress every day.  You had a relatively short life on earth compared to mine and you did not waste one ounce of energy worrying.  Come and rescue me from the same.  AMEN

Peace about our future comes when we trust who holds it. Don’t strain to see the future.  Strain to see who is holding it.

Additional Reading: Psalm 39, Psalm 90, Psalm 104, Acts 17:22-31