Friday, October 19th


The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever. - Isaiah 32:17

Dear Jesus, I love the peace that knowing you have fully accepted me in grace brings to my soul.  The people around me have proved that they do not want to be my personal Messiah.  They have no interest of bearing the burden of holding my personal identity in their hands.  Also, I cannot consistently be good enough to keep earning their praise and encouragement.  I mess up too frequently.  But near you I sense redeeming grace and mercy.  When you discipline I know you still love me.  Your righteousness covers me.  I have room to breath and grow now.  Thank you for being my personal Savior.  My personality has a chance to bloom under the fine mist of your love.  AMEN

"If you have been freed from needing success or praise to feel good about yourself, you know grace has visited you," - Paul David Tripp