I am in need of more.

Genesis 24-26, Psalm 2


Further up and further in: Lamentations 3:22-27, Ephesians 1:3-9, Romans 5:18-21, Psalm 130

Verse: Lamentations 3:26 – It is good to wait quietly for salvation from the LORD. CSB

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, I need you and I’m waiting on you.  I need more grace.  I really do.  I daily sin much.  I need your forgiveness as much today as I have ever needed it, maybe even more because I am more aware than ever of my sins against you.  I need your mercy.  I need you, Lord, to look at my helpless situation and help me.  Here I am a scattered exile in this world, an alien outside of his home country.  I’m living against the stream.  My way of life runs contrary to much of the rest of the people with whom I interact on a daily basis.  Help me live upstream.  Give me strength.  Give me wisdom.  When I seem to be all alone, remind me that you are with me and you are the only One for whom I’m living my life.  Lord, I’m waiting for you like a watchman waits for the morning.  I can’t wait for the morning of your new grace and mercy to dawn in my life. Lord, keep my eyes open, my faith burning, and my resolution strong as I wait for your to act and pour out more of all that you have for me in your grace and mercy.  Amen.