Proverbs 17, Psalm 107

Psalm 107:8 – Let them give thanks to the LORD for his faithful love and his wonderful works for the human race.

Lord God, this is a constant refrain and chorus in my life.  This is a constant refrain throughout the history of the world, and especially in the history of your people.  They were lost.  We were oppressed and burdened.  We were in trouble.  And you heard our cry and answered.  You have been at work to save the human race from before the first people sinned.  You have been working to save and rescue me even before my heart gave its first beat.  Teach me to give thanks for your work in my life and in the lives of all humanity.  You are a good Father who rescues your people, yes, all people.  Let this be the refrain and chorus of my life: “I was in trouble and you rescued me.   They were in trouble and you saved them.” Amen.