Today, Lord?

Matthew 24, 1 Chronicles 9-11

Matthew 24:34-35 – Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.  Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

Lord God in heaven, as I read this list of signs that Jesus gave that I might be alert, aware, and especially ready for your coming, I find that all of these things are already happening.  There are signs in the skies and signs on the earth.  I see them all over the place.  There are signs in society and signs among nations.  I see the turbulence among peoples in every news cycle.  There are signs in the church.  I see the antichrist sitting on his throne, claiming that he is lord of God’s Word, tricking people by his false Christianity.  I see love growing cold because of the loveless way by which we treat each other.  It’s all happening.  Today, Lord?  Is today the day that you’ll come back on the clouds?  Is today the day that you’ll come with your angels to gather your children into your arms and to send the wicked into the eternal fires prepared for the devil and his angels? Today, Lord? Your disciples saw and lived these days.  So did our fathers.  So do I.  I pray, Lord Jesus, give me a faith that is living, alert and ready for your coming in whatever instant that coming may be.  Make me ready now. Keep me ready in the dead of night.  Make me ready in the midst of my daily busyness.  Today may be the day, Lord.  You alone know. Make me ready for that day whenever it may be.  Amen.