Matthew 25:31-46, 1 Chronicles 15-16

1 Chronicles 16:9 – Sing to him; sing praise to him; tell of all his wondrous works.

Lord God in heaven there are so many reasons for me to sing.  You have done so many great and magnificent things in my life that I can hardly count.  You have formed and fashioned me just the way you wanted me to be.  You put me in this place at this time with these people and these skills to serve them. You have given me family and friends. You have given me a house and property, even pets and toys, for me to enjoy!  More than that, Lord God, you have done other magnificent things in my life.  You have given me faith, baptism, and instruction in the truths of your Word. You have not left me to fend for my spiritual self in this world.  You have sent a person who baptized me and people who taught me.  You continue to use them to speak your truth into my life. Through your Word, which they speak, your Spirit comes to me and gives life to my soul.  Through your Supper, which you give me often, you restore my soul and lead me to the rest of your forgiveness.  You, Lord God, have done so many magnificent things in my life and this barely begins to mention them all.  Lead me and all those around me to sing of all the wonderful things which you have done for me. Amen.