Matthew 4, 1 Kings 1-2

Matthew 4:11 – Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and were ministering to him.

Lord Jesus, the devil cannot stand against you.  The devil cannot stand against the Word of God. All it took was a word from you and victory came.  All it took was a word from you and he had to depart.  There is no rebuttal that he can make. There is no response.  He must be silent and he must depart from before the Word.  Lord Jesus, this reinforces for me the need and necessity to be constantly plugged into you Word so that I can know and identify the lies and temptations of the devil.  Your Word also gives me a rebuttal so that I might put him in his place and send him packing with a firm rebuke from your Word.  Lord Jesus, pour out your Spirit on me through your Word. Pour him out on me so that I might have a response, so that I might have the strength to resist his temptation.  Holy Spirit, help me to remember the truths of the Bible so that I might wield them as a weapon against the devil.  And Lord, when he comes with temptations large and small, by your Word and by your power, send him packing.  Send him away from me, Lord Jesus.  Deliver me from the Evil One.  Stand by me because I cannot resist him without you.  Amen.