Matthew 18, 2 Kings 18-20

Matthew 18:14 – So it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.

Father, sometimes I forget how desperate you are that none should be lost to hell.  Sometimes I forget how dearly you cherish each soul who walks and lives in this world.  But here it is. I cannot miss your heart, your desperate pursuit of the lost.  I cannot miss you heart long for the salvation of each person who walks in this world.  You desperately pursue the lost sheep, even leaving the 99 other sheep unattended.  You desperately turn over every stone in an effort to win back the wanderer.  Like a parent who is frantic in the grocery store when their child isn’t by their side, so you are frantic for the lost.  That has been your heart for me to this day.  You have frantically and desperately been seeking my salvation.  You lost everything, even your own Son, to give me everything.  And you did it willingly though it pained you to do so.  Throughout my life you have been actively involved, turning events and bringing circumstances just so that I would stay close to you.  You have been desperate for me just as you are for all people.  Use me, I pray, to chase down those who are struggling or wandering in their faith.  Make me as zealous and desperate for their salvation as you are.  You don’t want anyone to perish.  Give me a heart like yours that wants the very same.  Amen.