Mercy wins.

Matthew 12:1-21, 1 Kings 20-22

Matthew 12:7 – I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.

Lord Jesus, I learn so much from watching your ministry and how it matches what you actually do.  You spoke truth and you lived by it.  You were most concerned about human need – both physical and spiritual.  And you were not about to let human rules and ceremonies rule over the needs of broken people who stood around you and came to see you.  You made sure your disciples had food for their bellies.  You made sure that a soul with a shriveled hand was tended to.  You made sure that all who came to you were met with compassion and help.  You truly are the one whom Isaiah foretold when he said, “A bruised reed he will not break; and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.”  Lord Jesus, help me to learn from you so that I might be like you. Give me eyes to see the bruised and the smoldering around me and let nothing keep me from showing mercy to them.  Mercy is far more necessary for them than anything else.  Help me show mercy to them before meeting my own wants or keeping my own calendar.  Help me show mercy to those who need it.  Let this be one of my main thoughts and questions throughout the day: How can I show mercy to those who need it today?  Lord Jesus, thank you for showing mercy. You didn’t have to.  You could have stayed in heaven.  That would have been far more comfortable and convenient for you.  But you wanted me more.  You showed great mercy when you came for me and for the whole human race.  Lord Jesus, help me to become uncomfortable and go out of my way to show the same mercy to those I meet.  Amen.