Matthew 6, 1 Kings 8

1 Kings 8:66 – They blessed the king and went to their homes joyful and glad of heart for all the goodness that the LORD had shown to David his servant and to Israel his people.

Lord God, heavenly Father, my time in your house was exceptional yesterday.  It wasn’t without the devil flying overhead and trying to steal my joy and my time with you.  But you prevailed.  I heard your Word and it fed me.  I heard your forgiveness and it freed me from guilt and shame.  I received your Supper and it washed my sins away and reminded me that I am your own.  I received your blessing.  Now, I enter this week with the confidence that you are by my side and that I am loved by you. Lord God, for all the blessings of worship and the fellowship of God’s people, I praise you.  What joy I have in communion with you.  What joy I have in communion with all the saints you have gathered at Abiding Faith.  What joy I have in our oneness of heart.  What joy I have to see more souls added to our number. I celebrate whenever one turns to you in faith.  Father, your goodness extends from our house of prayer to my home of sleep.  My house, my bed, my food, my clothes, my possessions.  They are all abundant blessing from your hand.  I thank you, Lord, for the faith that you have granted to my family.  I thank you, Lord, for the relationship I share with my immediate family members.  Grant us a closer and deeper relationship through the relationship we have with you.  Grant us joy and gladness in the time that we spend together playing, praying, and growing together. Lord, grant me joy to know you and to be blessed by you.  You have certainly done this for me.  Amen.