All but Absent.

Acts 13, 1 Samuel 1-3

1 Samuel 3:1 – And the word of the LORD was rare in those days; there was no frequent visions.

Lord God, keep me from this.  Keep this from us.  Keep me from following you by mouth and body, but not with heart, with my hearts far from you while I worship you with my mouth.  Keep me from settling for a form of obedience or a laxity that lets sin run rampant with no rebuke.  Keep us from neglecting your Word and setting it on a shelf while we have no regard for it and pay little attention to it.  Lord, the worst thing that could ever happen to us would be to lose your Word and the faith which finds in your Word our everything.  Do not, I pray, take your Holy Spirit from us, but restore to us the joy of our salvation. Grant us a yearning for the Word which begs to hear it and is glad to meditate on it.  The people in Acts begged for Paul to come back.  The people in Samuel hardly wanted to listen.  Give us such a yearning for your Word which begs for the Word to be spoken and taught.  Amen.