The Hand of the Lord

Acts 11, Judges 20-21

Acts 11:21 – And the hand of the LORD was with them, and a great number who believed turned to the LORD.

Lord God, I have all kinds of hopes and dreams, especially for your church.  And these hopes and dreams really get me excited.  I get excited to see new people visit our church and then come back a second time, just out of the blue.  I get excited to see people grab on to the ministry that we have.  I get excited to dream about what we could do.  Lord God, bless the Word that your people heard yesterday.  Let it sit in their hearts and fill them with joy and confidence.  Help them remember that their confidence and joy is not in what they can accomplish in this life, but in what you have already accomplished for them.  They have a stunning reputation earned and given by you, Lord Jesus.  And I pray, let your hand be upon us and bless the work that we do.  Use us.  Use me today to lead people further up and further into your Gospel promises.  Use me to touch people who don’t know you yet with the saving Gospel.  Keep my motivation for this be all about you and not about how many come or don’t come.  Most of all, dear Lord, bless our work so that more and more people turn to you whether they do it here with us or somewhere eels.   Let your hand rest on all Christians richly that your kingdom may grow and flourish.  Amen.