Justice for the Oppressed

Proverbs 12:19-28, Psalms 81-83

Psalm 82:1 – God has taken his place in the divine assembly; he judges among the gods.

Lord God, I look around and there is so much injustice and inequality all around.  The poor and the homeless are pushed under the carpet as quickly as possible.  The helpless have precious few people to speak for them and advocate for their proper care and treatment.  Justice is perverted for a bribe or a favor.  Leaders and officials sometimes look the other way.  We still haven’t stopped treated each other with prejudice whether it is racial prejudice, social prejudice, or any other kind of lovelessness.  It’s bad God!  You know. Rise up, Lord!  Defend those who cannot defend themselves.  Provide a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Send advocates to those who have no one to advocate for them.  Rise up, Lord, and help the helpless. Be a Father for the fatherless and a Husband for the widows.  Be a Defender for the defenseless and and Advocate for the voiceless.  Use me, Lord, as you see fit to bring your help, healing and justice to this broken world.  Amen.