Justice is His

Acts 20:1-12, 1 Samuel 24-25

1 Samuel 24:12 – May the LORD judge between me and you, may the LORD avenge me against you, but my hand shall not be against you.

Lord God, when people are against me it is really easy to forget that justice is yours.  David could have very easily forgotten that. Saul was actively pursuing him and trying to kill him as if he were his enemy.  And David had him in his grasp and could have ended it and ended Saul right then and there.  But David refused because Saul was his King and because God was his god.  David knew that justice was in God’s hand even though he had the means of so-called justice in his grasp.  That’s so hard to wrap my head around.  When someone throws a spear at me, it’s really easy for me to pick it up and throw it back.  But David just dodged the spear and kept on playing his spear.  But Lord, David had a bigger picture in mind. He wasn’t so concerned about Saul who was hunting him down. David had his eyes on a bigger king, a king who truly treasured him; David had his eyes on you.  Lord, give me eyes only for you.  Give me a heart only for you.  When people throw spears at me, help me to remember that you treasure me and love me.   Help me to remember that you will get justice in some way.  It is not my place to throw spears and to get justice.  You will handle it.  Give me eyes and heart only for you so that I trust you to bring justice where justice is needed.  Keep my hand from throwing spears and trying to get even.  Give me a forgiving heart to all who would hurt me.  Give me a trusting heart to rest in you even when others are throwing spears.  Turn my mind from the hurt they have caused me to the joy that you have given me through your enduring love.  Give me eyes and heart only for you.  Amen.