Your Audience.

Luke 21, Deuteronomy 26-27

Luke 21:19 – This will be your opportunity to bear witness.

Lord Jesus, as you describe the signs surrounding your final return on the last day I can’t help but notice all of these signs in the world around me.  I see the wars and the rumors of wars.  I see the unrest.  I hear about Christians being arrested and persecuted all around the world.  I hear, see, and sometimes experience similar hostility against Christianity even here and now.  But you want to change my thoughts about this persecution.  I tend to shake my head, wring my hands, and tremble in fear when I think about persecution.  And that’s there.  But you show me something more.  You show me in this Word that this is an opportunity for me. When you put people in front of me – whether they are hostile or friendly – you have given me an audience to share my faith.  Persecution is an opportunity to give a witness about what I believe. Being arrested to stand in front of judges gives me an audience to tell about the things I believe and that the apostles’ witnessed.  People in my path who ask me to give a reason for the hope in me are an audience that needs the hope that I have.  Help me to see every interaction with people in this way, dear Savior.  Each human interaction whether casual or formal, whether forced or optional, is an opportunity for me to give a witness by my actions and especially by my words. Create a burning desire in my heart to tell as many people as coming.  The signs remind me that your coming is nearer now than I first believed.  Eternity is closer now than ever.  I want what you want, dear Savior.  I want them all in heaven.  So, give me lots of opportunities today to talk and testify about you.  Amen.