You can't stop God's plan.

Acts 5, Joshua 23-24

Acts 5:38-39 – If this plan or this undertaking is of man, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them.  You might even be found opposing God.

Lord God, I have plans.  I have desires.  Lots of them.  There are visions of the future that dance in my mind.  And when those plans, dreams and desires are opposed I get discouraged and sometimes a little bit upset.  I find myself seeing the opposition even as an enemy, especially when they are standing in the way of what I want and like.  That’s where Gamaliel found himself as he said these words.  The apostles were his enemy because their message and their following was pulling followers away from the Jewish church.  And yet, he led the Jews to a wise place.  He led them to submit their will and their plans to God, for God’s plan will not fail.  But man’s plan will fall on its face.  I need to remember this as I put plans on paper.  I need to remember this when I put plans into action.  I especially need to remember this when my plans face opposition.  If this plan is something that you, God, want, it will succeed in ways that we can’t even imagine.  And it isn’t something that I need to fight for or about.  No one can stop what you want to accomplish.  But if this is a plan that you do not want to succeed, then it won’t.  No amount of fighting for or against it will change your will.  Lord, in all our planning help us work really hard and hasten to keep the peace among God’s people.  It isn’t worth dividing over anything but the truth of God’s Word.  It isn’t worth dying on a hill that isn’t your Word.  Your will is always done and accomplished.  Your kingdom is always coming.  Help me to work with you and not against you.  Help me preserve the peace as we pursue your kingdom through our planning. Amen.