The Gift of the Spirit

Luke 3:21-28, Numbers 1

Luke 4:1 – And Jesus, full of the Spirit, returned from the Jordan…

Lord God, heavenly Father, I see the gift of the Holy Spirit that you poured out on your Son at his baptism. What an awesome day that was for him!  My baptism was no less miraculous.  On that day you gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit.  On that day you gave me a new birth into a living hope through your Spirit and now he lives in me; I am his temple.  He lives in me and is always present to teach me, to remind me, to correct, rebuke, comfort, to encourage and to forgive.  I pray, dear Father, take not your Holy Spirit from me because of my sin.  But instead, give him to me to sustain me, renew and restore me.  Pour him out on all your people to restore and renew them.  Pour him out on all peoples that they may know you and believe in you.  Amen.