Untied Tongue

Luke 1:57-80, Leviticus 21-23

Luke 1:64 – And immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue loosed, and he spoke, blessing God.

Lord God, continue to let your Word and the hope of your promise fill me hope and confidence. Make it boil up in me so that I can’t help and I won’t help but speak about the things that I’ve heard.  It’s easy for me to lose hope and be discouraged.  It’s easy for me to lose the joy and confidence that your promises give.  And when I do, I am more prone to keep it to myself.  Fill me with joy, hope, and even excitement so that like a child with good news for their parents, I eagerly go out with an untied tongue ready to tell anybody who will give an ear about the things you have said and done.  Make it like a fire in my bones.  Make it boil up in my hearts.  Make it like a geyser from soul.  Amen.