Armor Up

Ephesians 6, Exodus 39-40

Ephesians 6:11 – Put on the whole armor of God, that you may take your stand against the schemes of the Devil.

Lord, help me. Lord of hosts, deliver me.  God almighty to my aid today and help me in this war.  Put your armo on me.  Keep me alert, awake and vigilant like a soldier on watch.  Keep me ready for against the devil and his schemes.  He is the master at trickery and deception.  He knows how to make good things idolatrous.  He knows how to lead me to rationalize just about anything in my heart.  He knows better than to trick me into leaving it all behind in an instant, but he works to lead me, one small step at a time, away from you Lord God. Lord Jesus, you are my Savior who has come to destroy the works of the Devil.  Lord God, you are my Father who promises to lead me not into temptation and to deliver me from the Evil One.  Help me now.  Help me today.  Amen.