Taunting question.

Romans 1, Isaiah 33-36

Isaiah 36:5 – In whom do you now trust, that you have rebelled against me?

Lord God, Sennacherib asks this question because he wanted to destroy the morale and the heart of the people of Israel.  He rightly mocked them for trusting in Egypt. He wrongly mocked them for trusting you.  His question is one meant to taunt the people.  It’s a question that haunts me these days.  In whom do you now trust?  Lord God, I’m sorry.  I don’t trust you with my whole heart.  I hear this question and I realize that I look to so many other things to help me, save me, and to grant me success.  I’m not all in with you, not with my whole heart, my whole mind, and all my strength.  I’m sorry.  O God, capture my whole heart with a trust for you because you are worthy of it.  You are 100% trustworthy.  Your plans are eternal.  They keep all of eternity and all of time and all of space and even all people of all times in their scope.  Your plans are always fulfilled and 100% completed just as you put them down.  You alone have the power to carry out all these plans and to overcome any and all obstacles.  Your love for me, for my family, and for your church is overflowing and generous.  And you only have good in mind for us.  You have all of time in your mind as you rule for me and for all people – yesterday, today, and tomorrow too. You listen to me when I call to you.  Every time.  And in your good time you always answer me with the right answer.  O God, I can count on you.  Help me to trust you with all that I am today.  Amen.