Hold on!


Revelation 1-2, Joel 1-3

Revelation 2:25 - Only hold fast what you have until I come.

Lord God, through your prophets you preach fire and brimstone, judgment and salvation, hell and heaven.  It is clear.  In fact, judgment seems to be a louder and more frequent theme.  Lord, as I meditate on judgment, I pray, keep me in the faith so that when you return I will be righteous in you.  Lord do the same for my family, for those whom I love.  Make me a better family shepherd for their souls so that they will know you better.  I also pray, give me determination and grit.  My callings from you call for determination and grit to face what is about to come and what is already coming.  Give me an iron-forehead to take on whatever is coming.  Help me to hold on to the truth of your Word.  Help me to meet the challenges of holding on and holding forth the Word of truth in an age and place that seems to grow cold for your Word.  Lord, make this a fertile place to preach and teach, to scatter the seed.  Make me bold and compassionate to share the truth with those who are letting go of the truth.  They need me to speak up and into their lives.  Help me to set my priorities for the sake of my family.  Help me to make the most of the opportunities which you give to share the truth with anyone and everyone whom you put in my path.  Amen.