Whatever He Wants


Proverbs 29, Psalm 133-136

Psalm 135:6 – The LORD does whatever pleases him, in the heavens and on the earth, in the sea and in all their depths.

God, your power and might are clearly on display throughout history.  Your mighty acts of righteousness and deliverance are there for all to see.  Even now, generations later, I still marvel at your creative and redemptive acts.  I am in awe.  And what strengthens me and give me hope is the truth, God, that you are still the same God. You are the God who parted the seas and rescued your peoples.  You are the God who created the heavens, the earth, the seas, and all that is in them.  And you are the God – for endless years the same – who does the same acts of deliverance and creation in my life.  And you God, are beholden to none.  You never have to ask permission or send it up the chain of command.  You are unlimited and unrestricted in the help that you want to give your people.  All of us, any of us – all the time!  God, sit on your throne and keep doing what you have always done.  Because, that Lord God is always good. Amen.