My Strength.


Revelation 13-14, Habakkuk 1-3

Habakkuk 3:18 – God, the Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like a deer’s; he makes me tread on the high places.

Lord God, I can’t see through the fog or imagine the future.  I can dream, but that’s all I can do.  I can imagine, but it isn’t that clear.  You alone know my future for me and my family.  You alone know what tomorrow brings and what next year will hold.  You alone know where all my paths lead.  I pray, Lord God, be my strength to face what these days, weeks, and months will bring.  You alone know what is good for me, my family, and for all whom I love.  You alone know us.  You alone care for us.  You Lord, and you alone.  Give peace to my soul. Give strength to my hands to do the work that is in front of me.  Give hope to my heart.  And make my footsteps sure and certain just like the deer.  They jump and duck and dodge and their feet are always sure.  Make my footsteps sure and certain even when I don’t know where you are leading me.  Amen.