Listen, Lord.


Proverbs 30:11-23, Psalm 140-143

Psalm 141:2 – Let my prayer rise before you like incense, the lifting up of my hands like the evening sacrifice.

Lord God, your ears are open to my every prayer.  It amazes me every time.  That you would hear me.  That you would even care to hear me. That you would pay attention and not just smile and nod.  Lord Jesus, I owe God’s ear to your blood.  His ear is tuned to me because your blood opened the way.  Father, that you would hear me, slug that I am is a gift of your grace and that you would consider it a pleasing aroma is grace upon grace.  Almighty God, that I can enter your most holy place with my prayers is just plan astounding.  Lord God, I beg you, hear me when I pray.  Receive my prayers like incense.  Make it a pleasing aroma in your sight.  Answer me. Direct my footsteps.  Guide me.  Grant me peace.  Grant me more – your Holy Spirit, the greatest of all your gifts.  Amen.