Revelation 6-7, Obadiah 1

Revelation 7:3 – I saw another angel ascending and saying, “Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, until we have sealed the servants of God on their foreheads.”

Father, today, I thank you for my parents and those other servants whom you used to bring me to baptism.  I didn’t come by own own horse power.  They brought me because they knew that I needed this gift. Father, thank you for baptism.  There you adopted me as yours and I became your child, wholly and dearly loved.  There you claimed me as your own.  Since that time, Father, you have been at work in my heart and life by your Spirit to raise up faith in me, to transform me by the gospel so that I might be a servant in your kingdom.  Lord, I pray let your name continue to be tattooed on my head and on my heart.  Continue to mark me with your cross so that I may end my days in faith.  And while I wait for your appearing, help me to use the time that I have to reach more and more people and to make the most of every opportunity.  These are the days you have given me by your grace to serve and to share you.  Amen.