I love God's Word.


Proverbs 26, Psalm 119:161-176, Psalm 120-122

Psalm 119:162 – 163 – I rejoice at your Word like one finds great spoil.  I hate and abhor falsehood, but I love your law.

Lord God, your Word is so good. It is pure and perfect in every way.  It is inspired by your Spirit and it is useful for this life and to save me for the next. It tastes good to me, even when it confronts that which is sinful in me. It tastes even better when it tells me how good you are, Father, and how great your Son is. I love your Word. Help me to hate false and evil things and to run away from them. Give me a heart to save out of the fire those who are caught up in it. And increase in me, more and more, a love for your Word so that I seek you in it every day and meditate on it all day long. Amen.