Mark 4, Jeremiah 26-28

Mark 4:26-27 – And he said, “The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground.  He sleeps and rises night and day, and the seed sprouts and grows; he knows not how.”

Lord God, I need to read this parable often.  I need to remember it’s truth.  I need to remember this parable because I often get discouraged about your kingdom and your church on earth.  It doesn’t seem to be doing well.  The gospel doesn’t seem to be working.  Christians pour out the gospel often but it often doesn’t seem to be making a difference.  But this parable tells me differently and reminds me of the truth about your kingdom that often remains hidden.  Your kingdom grows all on its own, whether I’m sleeping or working, whether I’m working or resting.  That’s what your kingdom does because that’s how you work.  Your work and the ways of your kingdom are like the wind.  It blows wherever it wishes; I don’t know where it comes from or where it’s going.  And that’s how your Spirit does his work in the kingdom.  That’s what your Word does.  It doesn’t return to you without accomplishing whatever you desire.  And when it bears fruit and grows up, it is an astounding and glorious thing.  Something completely other grows up.  Where once death reigned, now life reigns.  Where once unbelieved lived, now faith dwells.  This is what your Word does.  This is what you do God. Plant this parable on my heart and help to remember it’s truth.  Amen.