A Good Soldier


2 Timothy 3-4, Jeremiah 1-4

2 Timothy 4:5 – As for you, always be sober minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.

Lord God, the imagery of Paul’s letter to Timothy is striking.  He speaks to Timothy and to me as if we were soldiers in a war.  And that helps me picture my life for you the way it really is. I am in a spiritual war. I am in a spiritual war fighting to hold on to you and to keep the faith.  I am in a spiritual war fighting for the souls of people in my life.  It will not be peaceful. It will not be easy. It will be hard work.  It will mean suffering.  Lord God, only by your Spirit and only with your help will I be able to do what Paul calls me to do – to keep a clear mind, to endure suffering like a good soldier, to do the work of an evangelist day in and day out, and to do the ministry you’ve given me to do.  I hear his words and I need your help.  Strengthen me by your Spirit to do the work you’ve called me to do. Grant me power from above to do this work, to do it faithfully, firmly, lovingly, carefully, persistently, wisely and strongly. You have called me to it.  Strengthen me for it.  Amen.