Exodus: Never Forget - #7 - The God Who Watches

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Our God hides behind masks.  Much of the work that he does in our lives, he does from hiding, that is, from behind other people and the way that they work in our lives.  This leaves us wondering at times: How do we know God is working? How do we know that God is watching? How do we know that God is listening?  God's Word gives us the answer.  Exodus 12:40-42.

Exodus: Never Forget - #5 - How do we know God is in it?


There are some really big question in life that we often ask.  Questions like: How do we know God is in it? How do we know God is leading us? How do we know we’re following?  Moses wondered too and God assured him.  We find hope and freedom in living our lives when we learn to find out to find God where he promises to be. Exodus 4:1-9

Exodus: Never Forget - #1 - This Story Matters

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This story of the Exodus is one of the best known stories throughout all the Bible.  It covers 40 years and 4 whole books of the Bible. It's a story that is worth our knowing and remember.  It is full of truth's that we want to never forget. In this first sermon, we take a hot air balloon ride over the book of Exodus to find three reasons why this story matters and is worth our knowing, and knowing well.