Romans 6 - Baptismal Swagger

The powerful effect of God’s work for us in Christ leaves us justified and saved without a doubt.  The resurrecting power of God’s work for us in baptism leaves us completely changed.  How can we go back to the way things used to be?  Why would we want to?  Here is true life gained through baptism.  Here is true life lived for God.  We won't live as victims anymore.  Sin doesn't own us anymore.  Jesus does.  Romans 6:1-11

One - #3 - One Mission

What's your mission? What's ours? Instinctively we live to make a name for ourselves. But there's a better name that we already have. Knowing and having this name that is above every name is game changing! We're not chasing a name because we already have it. And now we live on purpose and on a mission for that name. This week we look at Genesis 11:1-9.