Romans 2 - Surprising Revelation

There are some things that are obvious and clear to all people.  Our sin and sinfulness is clear.  It’s clear to the godless.  It’s clear to and felt by the consciences of people, even on those who don’t have the law.  It should be especially clear to those who have God’s law written and handed down (that’s us!).  We can feel it; it’s in our bones as our bodies decay – our bodies know long before our hearts and minds that we’ve failed and fallen short. But there is something that doesn’t come intuitively, not to us, not to anyone. This week as we dig into Romans 3 Paul unveils what we didn’t know naturally to us. He gives us a surprising – shocking, really – revelation about a righteousness from God. And it's all gospel; it's all good news.  Romans 3:21-28

The Ransom - #2 - Blood Brother

The family relationship is one of the tightest relationships that we know and understand.  We understand well the joys and the struggles of family relationships.  Many understand the pain of a broken relationship when one is unfaithful to another.  Those relationships are hard to repair.  In love, though we had often been unfaithful to God, Jesus bound himself to us by blood and so became our brother.  He had bonded himself to us and will stay faithful even when we are faithless. Mark 14:12-25.