Fight for the Faith - #1 - The Fighter

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The church is in trouble.  The church in danger because there seems to be a proliferation and explosion of false teachers within the Christian Church.  They’re everywhere.  Flip the television on Sunday morning and you’re bound be exposed to some false teacher.  Turn on public radio on Sunday morning and you’re bound to hear some false teaching.  Maybe you don’t notice.  Maybe it doesn’t bother you.  But I can’t stomach some of it.  There is an explosion of false teachings and an explosion of false teachings.  And whether you know it or not, you’ve been affected and even infected by them.  As your pastor, I see you confused and wandering at times because of all the false teaching and the true ones that bombard your ears.  As a pastor in this community, I see people lost and helpless like sheep without a shepherd.  They’re not sure what to believe anymore.  The church is in trouble and each soul is too!

That’s why I don’t think there is a more fitting time for this series and this book.  We are the church at war.  We are sometimes called the church militant.  And out of love for souls, out of love for the gospel, I’m going to stand up and “Fight for the Faith.”  Out of love for souls and out of love for the gospel, I pray that you hear Jude’s call and that you too would stand up and “Fight for the Faith.” Each one of us and all us need to hear these words to “Fight for the Faith” that was once handed down to us.  We need to know it and fight to keep it.  In this short little book, Jude climbs into the ring with us and gives us help from God.  In this little book that not many people know much about, Jude not only calls the church to action but he gets us ready for action.  And this is how he starts.