Jesus Uncut - #4 - Like Father like son.

Who's your enemy? It's a more difficult question to answer than you might expect. The command that prompts the question is even higher and more difficult to follow than you might expect as a result. Listen in below to know the heart of God's will for your life, but also the heart of his gospel that's for you too. Matthew 5:38-48.

Jesus Uncut - #3 - Radical Righteousness

Jesus had some work to do.  He had to clear up some things.  He had to set some things straight so that his disciples would have a clear understanding of the way God wanted them to be and to live in this world. He was chiseling them and shaping them by teaching them to the truth.  So Jesus will also do for us as we study his words.  Matthew 5:27-30

Jesus Uncut - #2 - Raising the Bar

Whenever Jesus speaks, he says something big and something for us to pay attention to.  Again, he does not disappoint.  As we continue our walk through this Sermon on the Mount, Jesus continues to raise the bar.  So, listen carefully as Jesus calls us to action, as Jesus calls us to shine, and then proceeds to set the bar for us.  Matthew 5:17-20.

Jesus Uncut - #1 - The Blessed Life

This is big.  This is really big.  You can tell it is big when Jesus sits down, when his disciples come to him, and then he opens his mouth.  This is not some casual conversation that Jesus is having.  This is life changing, destiny altering, light shining stuff that Jesus is about to say.  And Jesus does not disappoint.  He drops the beatitudes on us.  Matthew 5:1-12.