Lord's Prayer

Best. Prayer. Ever. - #4 - Forgive us as we Forgive

The 5th petition is about not giving people what they deserve. We ask it every day from God in our confession and God wants his mercy to drive karma out of our lives. Don’t give people what they deserve. Forgive as God has forgiven you. 

Best. Prayer. Ever. - #3 - Everything We Need

Jesus is so good in the Lord’s Prayer to help us realign and refocus us in our prayer even in our asking.  That’s why Jesus, in his wisdom and love, urges us to pray for daily bread just for today.  He doesn’t want us to think about tomorrow – to chase it, to be anxious about, to stress about.  He wants us to live today and trust that he has tomorrow figured out and he will handle it.  And what you start to see is that this petition is both request and redirection. Give us today our daily bread.

Best. Prayer. Ever. - #2 - Thine not Mine

What if prayer were more than a series of asks? Give me. Guide me. Guard me. Help me.  Hold me.  What if it were more than a series of requests?  It is.   Prayer is a time of worship.  Prayer is a time for hope.  Prayer is a time for struggle.  Listen in as we continue our look at the Lord's Prayer: Hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Best. Prayer. Ever. - #1 - Me and my Dad

The address says it all.  God wants us to come to him as children of a loving father who don’t care about the right words and don’t care about bugging him too much.  They come with confidence and expectation because they know this is the man who loves them and has proven it 1,000 times.