One - #4 - One Body

As we’ve walked through this ONE series, we’ve seen repeatedly that there is only ONE.  Through faith we’re part of the ONE body of Christ.  We’re part of the ONE church of Jesus. We’re part of the ONE family of God.  And we’ve been sent forth on ONE mission, to make the name of God great in all the world.  We’ve focused largely on the often hidden and invisible reality that we are truly ONE body, ONE church, with ONE mission.  Today, as we wrap up this series we’re going to listen to Paul as he teaches the Corinthians about how to work on the visible and the seen.  He’s going to teach us to work for a greater and deeper external unity.  We are a unified church. Paul is teaching us work at this unity. He is teaching us to work hard to preserve and keep unity in the body both doctrinally (in our teachings), practically (in the things that we do), and in all of our relationships with each other.  There is a very real unity.  And in these words of farewell Paul teaches us to work for greater and deeper unity. 2 Corinthians 13:11-14

One - #2 - One Church

The Christian church on earth is a greatly splintered thing. The Christian church on earth is a greatly troubled. It’s why many people stay away from the organized church and congregation. The organization is messy and splintered. It's a construction zone. God is working on his people. God is building a church, one church, founded on the cross of Jesus. Tomorrow we find our joy and comfort in God's work in us and on us. There is no architect or builder like him. 1 Peter 2:1-10.

Best. Prayer. Ever. - #6 - Deliver us from dEVIL.

We ask God to intervene so evil wouldn’t win. And in every way, God makes sure Satan doesn’t get the last word. He stops evil from touching us. He uses evil for our good. He takes us to heaven out of this evil world.  He does, in fact, deliver us from evil.