The Ransom

Easter Swagger

Death is all around us.  Happy Easter right?  But it is.  You feel it in your lives.  You see it in the world around us.  Death is all around us and it's killing hope.  But there is still hope because Jesus lives!  This Easter morning we walk with Mark through the evidence that Jesus really is alive.  And as we do hope comes alive again!  Jesus is alive! Death is dead.  There is hope; ll because he lives. Mark 16:1-16

Ransom - #6 - Dead Man Walking

No one really knew or understood what was going on that week when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.  The crowds sang and shouted, but they didn’t really understand.  The crowds crowed and called for his crucifixion, but they didn’t really get it.  Pilate didn’t understand Jesus.  No one, but Jesus understood.  And thank God that he did. Because Jesus was condemned, the condemned can go free!  Mark 15:1-14.

The Ransom - #5 - Denial

Sin is such a powerful thing.  Temptation tugs at us every step of the way.  Our fall into sin and a denial of Jesus isn’t a matter of if, but when. Through it all, however, Jesus is right with us.  He warned Peter before his denial.  He called him back during his denial.  He forgave Peter and received him back after Peter’s denial and repentance. He will not leave us.  We will not be ashamed.   Mark 14:26-31, 66-72

The Ransom - #4 - Judgment Hall

Two things are certain - death and taxes.  Taxes are due in just a few weeks.  But who knows when death will overtake us.  Then, and at that moment, we will stand before the ultimate judge of all.  For you, Jesus stood before human judges and even God himself.  He, who is the ultimate Judge, became the judged judge.  And because he did three things are now certain, “Death, taxes, and justification.” Mark 14:53-65

The Ransom - #3 - Kiss of Death

Everyone has their price.  That was the contention of Ted Dibiase, aka the “Million Dollar Man.”  He went out and proved it.  He’s right. We’re all chasing something and will pay almost any price to get it and keep it.  Jesus had something on his mind and he was willing to do whatever it took to get it.  Whenever everyone else fled away from the fight, Jesus rose up to meet it and embraced it because embracing it meant he could embrace you.  Mark 14:42-52.

The Ransom - #2 - Blood Brother

The family relationship is one of the tightest relationships that we know and understand.  We understand well the joys and the struggles of family relationships.  Many understand the pain of a broken relationship when one is unfaithful to another.  Those relationships are hard to repair.  In love, though we had often been unfaithful to God, Jesus bound himself to us by blood and so became our brother.  He had bonded himself to us and will stay faithful even when we are faithless. Mark 14:12-25.

The Ransom - #1 - One for All

This series will look at Mark’s Gospel, examining the events that led up to the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. Mark took great lengths to communicate why the cross was necessary and what it accomplished for us. Namely, that the King of the Universe came to give himself as a ransom for a world that gathered to mock him, so that they could become people who worship him. The entire book culminates in the declaration of the centurion from the foot of the cross, “Surely this man was the Son of God”. This week: Mark 10:32-45