All Things New

All Things New - #5 - Loudest Voice

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The Word of God is a powerful force.  It brings life to people who were dead. It brings hope where once there was fear.  It changes hearts and destinies.  It brings eternity.  The Word of God is a powerful force and when it is spoken it does not whisper; it is not meek or mild.  It is not week or wimpy. It is not a mouse.  No, when the Word of God comes, it comes with a roar, like a lion.  The Word of God is a powerful force.  This is a sermon about that Word.  Listen to it. Mark 1:21-28.

All things New - #4 - New Freedom

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Fear is and can be such a powerful emotion in our hearts.  Fear is and can be such a ruling factor in our lives.  It leads us to do and think things that we wouldn’t normally do. It either drives us underground in flight or leads us to the mountain to fight.  Fear is such a powerful emotion and today, I pray, that the Holy Spirit sets you free to live.  I pray that the gospel that John preached and believed. I pray that the gospel that Jesus preached will set you free and keep on setting you free day in and day out.  I pray that the gospel will set you free from fear so that you can live, yes, really live. Mark 1:14-20

All Things New - #3 - New Hope

God desperately wants us to be able to come home, to walk with him as we once did in the Garden of Eden.  The angels do too.  They desperately want to put down the sword that keeps us out of Eden.  Jesus does too. That's why he goes into the wilderness to be tempted for us.  Mark 1:12-13

All Things New - #2 - Fresh Start

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It’s a new year.  It’s time for a fresh start, a clean start with Jesus.  It’s time to leave behind the sins, the guilt, the shame and the regret of the last year.  It is time to leave behind all the should’ve, would’ve, and could’ve of the past year.  It’s time to leave it all behind in the Jordan River.  It’s time to leave it all behind in our baptism.  So, let it be done.  Let it be gone.   That’s where Mark takes us as he begins the story of Jesus in his gospel.  It’s where we begin this new series.  Mark 1:1, 4-11